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wellew in supernatural100

Challenge 125 - Red (gen)

title: And the Truth Shall Set You Free
author: wellew
spoilers: Route 666 
notes: Gen. 
disclaimer: not mine. 

Dean knows this is a mistake as the words come out of his mouth.  We hunt the things that go bump in the night.  He’s so conscious of his tone, serious, matter of fact.  Her face is blank and he knows it’s not working.  He drops his eyes and focuses on the red wine stain on the carpet, practically burns it out with his eyes, trying to keep himself from just running out.  He takes a deep breath and stops trying to sound like anything, then spits out the rest as fast as he can.  Please Cassie, let me explain.


Wonderful job, hon. I was just thinking I'd like to read some Dean/Cassie last night! Good timing. :-)
Thanks so much, I'm really glad you liked it. And fabulous icon!!!
Very nice use of the challenge! Thanks so much for sharing your work!
Thank you so much for reviewing it. I'm really looking forward to more challenges.
Hi again! I'm recording a bunch of drabbles for the amplificathon that's currently going on. I wonder if you might allow me to record this? I would link to the text and encourage comments for you. Also, I'd definitely send you the link to the finished product when I'm done.

I have a bunch of podfics at http://twasadark.googlepages.com/audiofic if you'd like to hear a sample of my work.

Hope to hear from you!
I like your podfics! Go ahead a record it and keep me posted about where it is, please. This sounds interesting.
Yay!! Thanks! I'll probably do it today. :-)
Okay, love. It's finished and posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/amplificathon/63401.html

It clocks in at just over a minute. But it's a really GOOD minute. :-)
That was really cool!! I really enjoyed it. Good job.

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