Angela St. Joan (angela_stjoan) wrote in supernatural100,
Angela St. Joan

#001: Pictures - "Technologically Retarded"

Fic: "Technologically Retarded"
Author:  Angela_StJoan
Prompt: #1: Pictures
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Sam, Chloe(Sullivan)
Word Count: 100

Dean thumbs through the photos she’s taken on her phone. Seems like she’s captured every moment between the three of them. He unknowingly smiles at a close up of Sam sleeping, a sharpie cap stuck up one nostril. He slides his finger across the touch screen and grins widely at a blurry picture of the three of them in the Impala, ready to embark on a road trip.

Chloe sidles up next to him and leans against his arm to see what’s making him smile. He scrolls to the next one. He laughs outright. Technology wasn’t so bad after all.

Tags: challenge #001-pictures, char: dean, char: sam
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