Angela St. Joan (angela_stjoan) wrote in supernatural100,
Angela St. Joan

#003: Route 66 - "Stranded" - G

Fic: "Stranded"
Author:  Angela_StJoan
Prompt: #003: Route 66
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Sam, Chloe(Sullivan)
Word Count: 100

Chloe’s nose scrunched as she looked off in the distance, shielding her eyes with her hands. She turned towards where Dean and Sam both stared under the raised hood of the Impala. “I think there’s a gas station a few miles down.”

Dean straightened and wiped his greased hands on a rag sticking out of his pocket. “It’s route 66, I’m sure there’s some kind of tourist trap a ways down.”

Chloe whooped and grabbed her bag out of the backseat. “I love tourist attractions.”

Dean shut the hood and shook his head, “We know. Believe me.” Chloe just smiled.

Tags: challenge #003-route 66, char: dean, char: sam
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