Angela St. Joan (angela_stjoan) wrote in supernatural100,
Angela St. Joan

#004: Motels - "Quickie" - PG13

Fic: "Quickie"
Author:  Angela_StJoan
Prompt: #004: Motels
Rating: PG13
Characters: Dean, Sam, Chloe(Sullivan)
Word Count: 100

Dean held his hand over her mouth as he pressed into her. Chloe’s moans and pleas had escalated into full on screams and he was sure Sammy, whose room was right next to theirs, could hear every syllable loud and clear. Chloe’s legs quit shaking around his hips and he felt her breaths coming in soft pants against his palm. He lowered his hand and buried his face into her neck, biting down as his own release snuck up on him. Chloe’s hands gripped his sides and held on.

These motel quickies were doing to be the death of him.

Tags: challenge #004-motels, char: dean, char: sam
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