Angela St. Joan (angela_stjoan) wrote in supernatural100,
Angela St. Joan

#005: Dreams - "Meant to Be" - G

Fic: "Meant to Be"
Author: Angela_StJoan
Prompt: #005: Dreams
Rating: G
Characters: Dean, Sam, Chloe(Sullivan)
Word Count: 100

Sam rarely remembered his dreams anymore. When he did they were broken and distorted and made no sense to him. When he finally did dream, just that one time, he took it to heart.

Dean had been sitting at a table, just like any other table in any other motel room they stayed in. And Chloe had entered the room and dropped a kiss first on Dean’s head and then on his own.

She had said something to make them laugh and Sam remembered the look in Dean’s eyes as he watched her. Chloe was meant to be with them.

Tags: challenge #005-dreams, char: dean, char: sam
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